Renewal training and Mindfulness Retreat for sisters preparing for final profession

Mindful-Contemplative Retreat(MCR)

Mindful-Encountering of Christ in the Scripture (MECS)

Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L1)

Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L2)

Mindful Contemplative Experiental Learing Programme (MCELP)

About CMM


Mindfulness meditation originated principally from the Eastern practice especially from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Nevertheless, mindfulness as a practical concept is a part of all the major religions; especially the Jewish and the Christian religions. In Christianity, we find the construct of mindfulness not only throughout the OT and NT, but also theologically and more explicitly with a practical manual in the teachings of the Philokalia, an anthology of mindfulness, spanning from the fourth century to the fifteenth - the monastic traditions. 

CNN involves the theory (lessons and meditation manual) and the practice (observation)



The main tool in CMM is observation or witnessing. Observation helps the mediator or meditator to wake up and to recognize what is happening in the mental realm, more precisely, the traffic of thoughts, such as ‘foxes and birds’ (Fs& Bs) and ‘wind’ and ‘wave’ (w&w). The participant will be trained to observe the mental mechanism, the mental converse, the thought that stirs and creates ruckus in the mind, its sequence, context, time and duration.



The meditation manual is a theory that illustrates and provides a detailed information on the functioning of the mind in meditation. It not only helps the meditator to operate the mind but also makes it easy for the participant, to sit for a period of time, focusing on what is happening in the present moment. This has four related steps, which aim at barring the entry of disturbing suggestions at the entrance of the heart, in order to let it enjoy the inner silence.



The lessons on meditation progressively disclose the biblical idea of mindfulness - both as a process and an outcome. These lessons prepare the participants to practise meditation with ease and confidence. As time moves on, the participants will be clear of any doubts on meditation. The lessons are: disclosing the dusty part of the mind - Closing the backdoors-Digging and Manuring-Cleansing the sanctuary-Diagnosing the City and Suburbs-Opening the roof - carrying the extra flask of oil and stilling the storm.
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