2 Month Renewal training and Mindfulness Retreat for sisters preparing for final profession

2 Week Mindful-Contemplative Retreat(MCR)

2 Week Mindful-Encountering of christ in the Scripture (MECS)

2 Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L1)

5 Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L2)

A 6 Month Mindful Contemplative Experiental Learing Programme (MCELP)


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2-week Mindful-contemplative Retreat (MCR)

2-week Mindful-contemplative Retreat (MCR)

MCR is an in-depth spiritual journey through the Scriptures. Several distinct yet interrelated biblical texts are used to know the anatomy of contemplation as delineated in the Bible, and are useful for the practitioner. The components of contemplation concealed in the texts will be analyzed and practised as well. The overriding theme of MCR will be: why are we not able to reach the state of perfection (i.e., hundredfold), even though, all are called to holiness.

MCR discloses both the obstacles in contemplation (PRT) and the stages to reach contemplation (AKWD).

The principal biblical tools used here are: ‘Strategy of the sower’, ‘Blessing and breaking’, ‘hitting on the thigh’, ‘vomiting the camel’ and ‘killing the fatted calf’ and ‘launch-out into the deep’.

If you are searching for a contemplative retreat, then, you have come to the right one; MCR is perfect for priests, religious, and nuns to forge new pathways to success, to embark on a journey of healing your soul and self-renewal, in a troubled and noisy world.

Date:  16 April – 30 April 2020, Venue:  Bodhini, Medium: English, Board, lodge and Course Fee:  Rs. 7000

To reserve your seat, send registration fee Rs. 1000. Registration will be confirmed once the payment is done. Specify the program and the date, for which you are registering.

For online Bank Transactions: Fr. Superior, Catholic Syrian Bank, Kalpetta, A/C No: 0256-02074889-190001, IFC: CSBK0000256.

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