2 Month Renewal training and Mindfulness Retreat for sisters preparing for final profession

2 Week Mindful-Contemplative Retreat(MCR)

2 Week Mindful-Encountering of christ in the Scripture (MECS)

2 Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L1)

5 Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L2)

A 6 Month Mindful Contemplative Experiental Learing Programme (MCELP)


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5-week Course On Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCMM- L2)

5-week Course On Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCMM- L2)

CCMM - L2 is an intensive training, designed for those who are seriously seeking God in prayer and interested in the science behind mental (silent) prayer. In CCMM - L2 you will learn the meditation recipe, the theory and practice, to make you «FIT» to discover the giant inside.

As the days go by, the participants will be clear regarding any doubts on meditation, as also of the realization that meditation is not against any kind of activities, but opens up the vistas of new life. 

The lessons are: ‘Disclosing the dusty part of the mind’ (Fs & Bs) – ‘Closing the backdoors (Hs & Ns)-‘Digging and manuring’- ‘Cleansing the sanctuary’- ‘Diagnosing the city and suburbs’-‘Opening the roof’ - ‘Carrying the extra flask of oil’- ‘Mindfulness and mindlessness’, - Stilling the storm (W&W). Hands-on lessons in CCMM –L2 prepare the participants to practise meditation and prayer with ease and stability.

Time: 6 June – 10 July 2020, Venue: Bodhini, Medium: English, Board, lodge and Course Fee: Rs. 18000

To reserve your seat, send registration fee Rs. 1000. Registration will be confirmed once the payment is done. Specify the program and the date, for which you are registering.

For online Bank Transactions: Fr. Superior, Catholic Syrian Bank, Kalpetta, A/C No: 0256-02074889-190001, IFC: CSBK0000256.

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