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Our Courses

6-month Mindful-Contemplative Experiential Learning Programme [MCELP]

6-month Mindful-Contemplative Experiential Learning Programme [MCELP]

This highly beneficial mindful-meditation training course [MCELP] will offer Biblical evidence-based tools, practices, and resources to prime your body and mind: to feel more focused, to encounter challenging situations, to nourish your relationships, to ever maintain a peaceful and committed life.

 Methodology & Curriculum

We introduce you to an experiential learning practice; an inclusive method of reading the Scripture [NES] that equips as well as enhances the mind with readiness for prayer and meditation. Having done NES on copious Biblical texts, we move on to nēpsis (“mindfulness”) – an epistéme (science) and téchne (art), that is, a contemplative ethical philosophy consisting of certain important variables such as “halting”, “freeing” and “keeping silent & still”.

The overriding study tool in nēpsis is “observation” or “witnessing”. The participant will be trained to become aware of the mental mechanisms preceding the actualization of an act, the mental converse, thoughts stirring and creating ruckus in the mind, their sequence, context, time and duration. More precisely, prosbole (“suggestion”), syndiasmos (“dialogue” or “converse”), pale (“combat” or “struggle”) and synkatathesis (“consent”).

To train the observation, three contemplative techniques, namely, apophasis (killing the fatted calf), exagoreusis (track-out the serpent exercise) and antirrhesis (counter speech) are taught in a precise and scientific way.

 Who are the Participants?

MCELP is offered to the providers and recipients of religious formation, community animators, spiritual directors, jubilarians, for sabbaticals and all those who recognize the great necessity of being initiated into mindful-contemplative practice for one’s own life, inspire others and help them to improve their lives in meaningful ways.

[Date: 20 March 2022 – 20 September 2022]

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