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Mindfulness Based Formators’ Course Intensive [MBFCI]

Mindfulness Based Formators’ Course Intensive [MBFCI]

Bodhini, a home for Christian mindfulness meditation, teaching and practice offers an 8 -month mindfulness-based course for Formators to become effective spiritual resource personnel. MBFCI provides Hands-On Training that incorporates mindfulness into everyday life, which helps one to explore oneself and to activate the qualities that make one an authentic guide, alive and engaged.

This innovative programme is woven from the Bible (i.e., the biblical evidence-based tools), that combines religious formation with mindfulness practice and Cognitive Behavioural skills such as Cognitive Restructuring (CR), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Behavioural Activation (BA) etc. which enable one to hone a non-judgemental attitude, better decisions, and acceptance of the self and others.

The science of MBFCI is that when your mind is sufficiently trained to be calm and poised, you will be able to handle everything wisely and learn to respond thoughtfully.

The Goal of MBFCI is to help the persons change negative thought patterns, habits and actions and thereby to be more positive, calm, noble, compassionate and in control.

This course is also helpful and open for those who do not intend to be in formation intervention directly but have other spiritual interests in the topics such as Christian Mindfulness meditation, mental prayer, Lectio Divina, mystical reading of the Bible, Discernment etc.

[Date: 25 April 2022 – 30 December 2022]

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