A 6 Month Mindful Contemplative Experiental Learing Programme (MCELP)

5 Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L2)

2 Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L1)

2 Week Mindful-Encountering of christ in the Scripture (MECS)

2 Week Mindful-Contemplative Retreat(MCR)

2 Month Renewal training and Mindfulness Retreat for sisters preparing for final profession


Our Courses

6-Month Mindful-Contemplative Experiential Learning Programme [MCELP]

Is prayer only pleading with God for favours or interceding for one’s needs and for the needs of others? Many are confused about the fundamental idea of prayer

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5-week Course On Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCMM- L2)

CCMM - L2 is an intensive training, designed for those who are seriously seeking God in prayer and interested in the science behind mental (silent) prayer. In CCMM - L2 you will learn the...

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2-week Course On Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCMM- L1)

CCMM- L1 is designed mainly to teach the participants, how to do meditation anytime, anywhere in spite of their multiple commitments.

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2-week Mindful Encountering Of Christ In The Scripture (MECS)

MECS brings the spiritual weight of the word, the Bible today, to the present, ‘here and now’, to my current life.

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2-week Mindful-contemplative Retreat (MCR)

MCR is an in-depth spiritual journey through the Scriptures. Several distinct yet interrelated biblical texts are used to know the anatomy of contemplation as delineated in the Bible, and are...

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2-Month Renewal Training and Mindfulness Retreat for Sisters Preparing for Final Profession

The 2-month preparation course will equip you to revisit the consecrated life at its source and deepen your sense of identity as a consecrated individual from the vantage point of mindfulness

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