Renewal training and Mindfulness Retreat for sisters preparing for final profession

Mindful-Contemplative Retreat(MCR)

Mindful-Encountering of Christ in the Scripture (MECS)

Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L1)

Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCLM-L2)

Mindful Contemplative Experiental Learing Programme (MCELP)


Our Courses

Mindfulness Based Formators’ Course Intensive [MBFCI]

Bodhini, a home for Christian mindfulness meditation, teaching and practice offers an 8-month mindfulness-based course for Formators to become effective spiritual resource personnel. MBFCI...

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6-month Mindful-Contemplative Experiential Learning Programme [MCELP]

MCELP will offer Biblical evidence-based tools, practices, and resources to prime your body and mind: to feel more focused, to encounter challenging situations, to nourish your relationships...

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8-Week Course on Christian Mindfulness Meditation (CCMM)

CCMM is an intensive training, designed for those who are seriously seeking God in prayer and interested in the science behind mental (silent) prayer.

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4-week Mindful-Contemplative Retreat (MCR)

MCR is an in-depth spiritual journey through the Scriptures. If you are searching for a contemplative retreat, then, you have come to the right one.

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4-week Mindful Encountering Of Christ In The Scripture (MECS)

MECS is designed to teach the participants to read the translation of the meaning of the Bible for the transformation of life.

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